It is our goal to provide you with peace of mind by enhancing the experiences of the children in our care. Through respect, joint guidance, emotional support and quality age appropriate education, your child will be guided through their journey towards independence and knowledge


We provide a family home designed exclusively for daycare and the children's needs. We have a child friendly play area, where imaginations can run wild and fun is always on the agenda. The flat surface makes it easy for even the toddlers to maneuver.

Kids in Preschool


A child's day includes stories (the babies are included if they are awake), songs, blocks, small and large muscle activities both indoors and outdoors. Starting at the toddler level, they are encouraged to participate in our arts and crafts projects. The preschool program we provide gives each child an age appropriate education tailored specifically to their individual learning level.

Drawing & Coloring


We have been licensed child care providers for many years providing quality care in a home setting. We have always far exceeded the required basic education hours to maintain our license. We do this because we are interested in the latest thoughts and theories regarding the well-being of children on educational, emotional and physical levels. We have chosen this profession because we care about children and we know our presence in their lives will make a positive difference.


We offer full-time Day care


Monday - Friday

7AM - 6PM


ages six weeks of age and older.


2737 Oakland Hills Drive

Plano, Texas 75025


Please call or email for rates,

times available or any questions


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Child Doing Art Activity
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